Projects – Western Australia

Through the Tenement Sale Agreements (refer to Section 11.1), the Company has built a diverse portfolio of exploration projects in Western Australia. The Company is focused on the exploration for nickel, copper and gold. The Projects are located in the Darling Range east of Perth, in the northern Gascoyne / southern Ashburton, Kimberly and Great Southern regions of Western Australia.

The Company’s initial exploration focus is directed predominately towards nickel, copper and gold in the following established mineral districts which are detailed in Figure 4.1:

  1. Darling Range Project – nickel, copper & PGE;
  2. Calyerup Creek – gold;
  3. Ashburton – gold and base metals;
  4. Kimberly (Speewah East, Copper Flats and Ruby Plains) – nickel, copper, cobalt, silver & gold,